Leia & Koy's Golf Resort Wedding

The wedding of Leia and Koy was one of those weddings that made me remember why I do this in the first place. The love they displayed for not only each other but their whole family, was heart warming. You truly felt like 2 families were becoming one.

These two cuties are huge golfers, and so it would only make sense that their wedding was held at a breathe taking golf country club near their home in Staten Island. Little embellishments throughout the day, like the hand made boutonnieres made of golf tees and babies breath, drew you further in to their dream wedding.

The traditional ceremony held at St. Rita Church was remarkable and it involved so many family members throughout by them reciting the bible or poems during the ceremony, her veil that she wore being a family heirloom, and the bible that she carried down the isle that was once a gift to Koy’s mother from his father on their wedding day.

When the party kicked into gear there was some of the best dancing I have ever witnessed at a wedding. The DJ was AMAZING and everyone was up the whole night showing off their moves. My partner and I were jealous we were working and couldn’t join in – but I settled for a little 2-step while I walked the room 

Congratulations Leia and Koy!

Marc Daniele