Shweta & Derek

As many of my couples know, I like to meet them in person whenever possible as opposed to just sending emails back and forth during their “shopping around” process. This is for many reasons, but primarily, I will be with my clients all day while also interacting closely with their family and friends, so it’s important they know their Photographer is going to treat them well and with kindness. That is something many could miss when just shopping around for the lowest priced Photographer and booking them online without ever meeting. When I first met Derek and Shweta, it was like meeting up with friends for coffee instead of any type of sales meeting. And this carried over to their engagement shoot, and especially their wedding day! I can’t believe Derek and Shweta just recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary! Time sure flies and I am honored to know them! Enjoy a few images from their engagement and wedding day!

Marc Daniele